CCA – Cerâmica Culinária Alimentar, SA has as mission to produce and commercialize ceramic solutions.


For us, corporate social responsibility, or sustainability, means that our company’s strategy takes not just economic but also ecological and social factors into account.
Market credibility, improving human capital, precision, responsibility, encouraging the improvement of the working conditions, respecting the environmental. Creating value and improving the performance.
Responsibility creates trust.


It offers colourful designs and new functional solutions through stylish and environmentally happy products for the tableware and ovenware- Home, domestic, hotelware and also as a package- For typical regional products, frozen products, prepared foods, sauces and deserts.
Over recent years CCA has focussed on some of its main markets, particularly in europe and united states. The company’s efforts have included ensuring sustainable growth by adapting to the changes in each market, while increasing is offer.


The company is certified since 2003 for the quality management system, under ISO 9001.
Quality is a feature of our products that indisputably strengthens the loyalty of our customers.
encourage proper monitoring of processes, supported by those Responsible for these processes, improve problem solving, developing  methodologies for analysing causes, promote the culture of “doing it right first time”.


Promote integrated pollution prevention and control, encourage eco-efficiency for processes and products, promoting sustainable water use and the rational use of energy and guaranteeing the inclusion of environmental criteria in the selection of raw materials and packaging.
Minimise environmental impacts, promoting a reduction in emissions to air and water and waste generated, according priority to reuse and recycling solutions.


CCA was named ´´PME excelencia´´ in 2014, an award attributed by a governmental institute, due the best economic performance.