Brief history

CCA, Cerâmica Culinária e Alimentar, SA, was  built in September of 1996, result of in the association of Portuguese industrials with two French companies, the CERIMPORT and the Societé Plastic.
The company was formed for the packing market, and as always been directed for export market.

 Over the past 15 years, the company has been investing and improving the productive area, to equip itself with the technical means for responding the market demands.
In 2003, the company started an investment in the product design area, using 3D tools of advanced modelling; who allows showing the client in advanced the final product.
Nowadays, the company perform also in the stone were, using the knowhow acquired over the years for presenting solutions that meet the needs of the costumer.
CCA is the one of the largest Portuguese stoneware company, with a multibrand and  multimarket strategy, focused on the homeware and in the packaging businesses. CCA is located in the center of Portugal, with 180 employees and 2 production units.